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Holdalls medium and large image 16.jpg

H O L D A L L   B A G S

gabriela in Glass shed studio lounge .jpg
Photo 27-11-2020, 11 30 42.jpg


a tote bag staple but on a larger scale. We have our LARGE SIZE. All made from fabrics that are strong and durable. 

P  H  O T O     E  X  A  M  P  L E  S 

GSS 513 GLASS SHED STUDIO large canvas zip bag with bill image 2.jpeg
Glass Shed Studio Cotton Sail Bag 2 image 3.jpg
Glass Shed Studi Insta stand 3.jpg
GSS 513 Glass Shed Studio Green canvas large tote bag 1 image 3.jpg
Glass Shed Studio Sail bag 3 image 3.jpg
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